How to Make Brushing & Flossing Fun for Kids

Brushing & Flossing FunFor children, brushing and flossing like eating vegetables. It’s not something they look forward to they won’t do if parents don’t enforce it. However, oral care for your kids doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore. With a little creativity from you, the parent, you can turn your children’s brush time into fun time.

Play a Song

While your children brush, play a song they like. Brushing is supposed to last at least two minutes, so have your children brush from the start to the end of the music. Better yet, look for a song with a video and play it on your mobile device during your kids’ brushing. You can play a second song while your child flosses.

Here’s a fun children’s brush-along video.

There are plenty of these songs available on YouTube. Find a few your children like and play whichever one they are in the mood for come brush time.

Develop a Rewarding System

Children are much more motivated if they get a reward. Every time they successfully brush and floss, reward them with a star, sticker, or token of some kind. These can be redeemed for a prize, such as an extra hour of television or game time. Place a reward chart in the bathroom so they can see the points they’ve earned. Visit this page for free printable dental reward charts.

Brush Along With Your Kids

Kids are natural copycats and follow the lead of their parents. Make brushing a family event by brushing together. Dance and prance to the song you play to make the whole affair more exciting for the little ones.

Don’t Forget Visits to the Dentists

Also, be sure to get your children used to visiting a family dentistry on a regular basis. The sooner you start, the less worried they’ll be. Mukilteo Dental Arts provides pediatric dentistry as well as endodontics and cosmetic dentistry for the whole family. Oral care for kids should start as early as possible to instill a lifelong and crucial habit.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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