Swimming Pools may Damage your Teeth

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There’s no better way to fight off the scorching summer heat than to take a dip in your local city swimming pool. No doubt, swimming is a good exercise and provides afternoon fun for the whole family. However, what lurks in the water may be hazardous for your dental health. Studies have revealed a link between swimming pools and teeth erosion.

Why Is Swimming Pool Water Bad?

Pool water is heavily chlorinated. While this is necessary for keeping the water clean, too much exposure by the teeth and gums have been shown to cause enamel erosion. Once the enamel is mostly stripped, the teeth become susceptible to sensitivity, chipping, and discoloration.

In one study conducted at New York University, water chlorination was determined to be the cause behind a 52-year old male subject who complained of extreme teeth sensitivity and staining. The subject had – for five months – partook in a 90-minute swimming regimen on a near daily basis.

Chlorine becomes increasingly acidic especially if it’s not regularly changed. If you have your own swimming pool, regularly test the water using a pH test kit. If the results yield a number below seven, then the water is too acidic. If you use a public swimming pool, enquire about the maintenance interval. Wearing a mouth guard may also prevent the teeth from coming into direct contact with the water.

Avid Swimmer? Have Your Teeth Examined

If you regularly swim in a pool, have your teeth examined by a family dentistry clinic for early signs of enamel erosion. At Mukilteo Dental Arts, our services include cosmetic dentistry. Staining is a common symptom of chlorine exposure, and we can restore your teeth to their original pearly white color. We also provide oral surgery in cases where extensive erosion has occurred. Our team knows all about the effects of swimming pool water on teeth enamel and can treat you accordingly if any damage has incurred.
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