Is Cosmetic Dentistry Suitable for Children?

Cosmetic Dentistry for ChildrenAt some point, your children may ask if they can get their teeth bleached. Kids are especially conscious of their appearance by the time they reach adolescence. Is cosmetic dentistry for children suitable, though? This is a question our cosmetic dentists get asked all the time.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Children; Is It Alright?

Here’s our take; while we do perform some level of cosmetic dentistry on kids, we always ensure both parents and the child understand the nature of the procedure.

Teeth whitening is the most common form of cosmetic dentistry and is also fairly harmless for minors. We usually use a lower amount of bleaching solution to reduce chances of gum irritation. Teeth bleaching for children can be beneficial since it often boosts their self-confidence.

However, kids may get the impression that because their teeth are pearly white that they’re in a healthy state. It’s important that you drill it in your children’s heads that basic oral hygiene is still as relevant as ever.

How About Veneers?

A family dentist may recommend veneers if your child’s tooth has been chipped or damaged in an accident. Originally, veneers weren’t recommended for minors since the installation required filing away a bit of the enamel. However, the process is more commonplace nowadays thanks to improved technology.

Keep in mind, though, that veneers are just an aesthetic covering. The application should be supplemented by further treatment if there are clear signs of damage to the tooth, the root, or surrounding gums.

Once again, inform your child that the presence of a veneer does not mean the tooth is all of a sudden in tip-top shape. The same care is required as it is for the rest of the teeth.

We Make Your Kid’s Teeth Healthy and White

Take your children to Mukilteo Dental Arts for an exam. Yes, we do cosmetic dentistry for children, but that comes second after normal oral hygiene and any prevailing issues have been treated by an oral surgeon.
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