Teeth-Friendly Easter Candy for Children

teeth friendly easter candyLike any other holiday, Easter is an occasion to let your little ones indulge in tasty sweets. You’ll probably even indulge yourself in the process. We’re not discouraging this, but our family dentists do recommend sticking to teeth-friendly Easter candy. By “teeth-friendly,” this doesn’t mean good for your teeth; it just means not as bad.

Avoid These Candies

Cadbury Chocolate Eggs

Cadbury is a famous chocolate brand that produces egg-shaped chocolates. These are filled with caramel coating on the inside. The sugar itself is bad enough, but the sticky coating means the sugar will linger on your teeth even longer. Such treats are partially to blame for the severity of some tooth decay that makes oral surgery a necessity.

Marshmallow Peeps

Marshmallow Peeps is another famous candy brand that makes marshmallow candies in the shape of bunnies and chicks. Marshmallow is, of course, sticky. Peeps also often contain food dye, which our cosmetic dentists always frown upon because they stain the teeth.

Food dye also appears to cause ADHD symptoms in children, according to a randomized study.

Gummy Candy

Gummy candy comes in the form of Easter-related shapes, such as bunnies and carrots. Most people are don’t know that gummy candy contains citric acid, making it very acidic.

Stick to These Teeth-Friendly Easter Candy Treats

Sweet Trail Mix

Sweet trail mix may contain M&Ms, banana chips, and dried fruit. The presence of nuts in the mix helps break up some of the biofilm that collects on the teeth.

Candy with Coconut Sugar or Fruit Sweetener

These sugar alternatives are lower on the glycemic index and less damaging to teeth. These can also be used in place of sugar for homemade baked goods.

Arrange for a Dental Checkup

Make an appointment with Mukilteo Dental Arts for your children. Add a checkup to your April calendar to go along with the scheduled Easter egg hunt and egg painting. Throwing in some teeth-friendly Easter candy for your kid’s Easter basket is another way to promote long-term oral health.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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