Getting Your Kids to Brush This Holiday

getting your kids to brushYoung kids see brushing as a chore. Parents need to be proactive in getting their kids to brush every day, and to follow the correct brushing methods. With the holidays around the corner, we figured you can use this time of year to your advantage for this purpose.

Getting Your Kids to Brush Doesn’t Have to Be a Challenge

Food intake increases during the holidays. Schools and other venues serve sugary snacks and beverages, including gingerbread cookies, Hershey Kisses, eggnog, and fruitcake. This is why you need to instill good brushing habits as Christmas looms.

Our family dentists recommend some holiday approaches for instilling good brushing habits. Consider these ideas:

1. The Santa Story

Scaring your children into good behavior is absolutely acceptable in our opinion. Tell them that Santa knows who brushes and who doesn’t. The latter goes into his naughty list. Do you know what happens when you make Santa’s naughty list? You receive a lump of coal instead of that Nintendo Switch or life-size Barbie doll.

2. Give Your Child an Early Gift

A toothbrush for a present won’t exactly make your child jump with joy. However, it suffices as a secondary gift. Children will also love it if the handle has a design or shape of their favorite character. You can also consider an electric or vibrating brush.

3. Tell Them About the Grinch

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a Dr. Seuss classic. Tell your kids that the Grinch especially targets households with children who don’t brush. If they miss even one day of brushing, then the Grinch may steal their gift under the tree and never give it back.

Don’t Forget Pre-Holiday Checkups

Our oral surgeons and endodontists serve Mukilteo residents and their kids year-round. Before Christmas, schedule an exam with Mukilteo Dental Arts. Use our creative ideas for getting your kids to brush this holiday.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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