Are You at Risk of Jailbreak Bacteria?

jailbreak bacteriaYour mouth is full of bacteria, both good and bad; that’s a given. However, the bad bacteria can affect your well-being beyond your oral health. This occurs due to jailbreak bacteria, which escapes your mouth and relocates to other areas of your body.

What Is Jailbreak Bacteria?

The term describes bacteria that “jailbreaks” from the mouth and enters the blood stream. This is why bleeding gums is a serious matter. Plaque-causing bacteria uses the blood system as an escape route where they reach internal organs and cause blood clots.

Why Jailbreak Bacteria Can Be Deadly

Bad bacteria in the mouth is known as streptococcus bacteria, which causes periodontal disease. When they reach the bloodstream, they use a protein to bind together in the blood, eventually creating a clot-inducing clump. This also leads to inflamed blood vessels that block blood flow to the heart and brain.

The dangers of jailbreak bacteria aren’t pseudoscience. Several studies have confirmed the risks, including one research effort reported to the Society for General Microbiology and published in Science Daily.

What to Do About It

Jailbreak bacteria is precisely why our endodontists recommend frequent exams and good oral hygiene at home. Preventive measures also prevent costlier oral surgeries down the road. By prevention, we mean the regular oral care rituals you’ve probably heard of a thousand times. These include brushing twice a day, flossing, and rinsing. Just as importantly, they also include a routine exam based on family dentist recommendation.

Prevent Life-Threatening Diseases

The separate components of the body are more interconnected to one another than we sometimes remember. Poor oral health means greater likelihood of disease elsewhere. This is why we urge you to contact Mukilteo Dental Arts at the first signs of bleeding gums. Jailbreak bacteria can eventually wreak havoc all over your body.

Oral Disease Prevention

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