Six Uses for an Old Toothbrush

old toothbrushOur family dentists recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months. Over the course of your life, that is a lot of brushes that you temporarily use and throw away. However, you don’t necessarily have to throw them in the trash. Consider these alternative uses for an old toothbrush; give it renewed life.

Old Toothbrush Alternative Uses

1. Clean the Bike Chain: Many people have reported that they use their old brushes for cleaning a bike chain before giving it a lube. The brush is just small enough to reach the small nook and crannies.

2. Keep It in the Bathroom: It may no longer clean your teeth, but you can now use the brush to clean some parts of the bathroom. The brush is effective for cleaning tile corners and the underside of the toilet bowl rim.

3. Clean the Fish Tank: Do you have a fish aquarium? When you change the water, use the brush to clean the decorative ornaments and aquarium corners.

4. Clean Your Lips: You can actually do this with your current toothbrush. A brush is surprisingly effective for exfoliating chapped lips when the weather is dry.

5. Clean the Keyboard: Keyboards have openings for dust to sneak in. Use a toothbrush to loosen the dust so you can blow them away with an air duster.

6. Keep Your Pet Happy: Do you groom your canine friend? A toothbrush works well for brushing your dog’s paws and nails. You can also brush your dog’s fur to remove molting.

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