Five Dental-Related Gifts for Children

gifts for childrenWe know kids don’t always like to brush. The process for them is a chore, much like eating their vegetables. This is why we recommend some dental-related gifts for children this Christmas. These gifts make great stocking stuffers and motivate your young ones to follow daily oral hygiene.

1. A New Toothbrush

For a child, a new toothbrush is like getting a package of tube socks. However, children’s toothbrushes come in endless varieties. Consider Marvel-themed toothbrushes or Disney-themed toothbrushes; boys and girls like both kinds. Some of these are battery-operated and vibrate, making brushing a delight.

2. Flavored Toothpaste

Instead of the traditional mint-flavored toothpaste, consider toothpaste with atypical flavors. Some of these include fruity, cupcake, and even bacon-flavored paste. Whatever flavor or brand you choose, be sure it has the ADA seal of approval.

3. Dental Books

Our oral surgeons recommend picture books that teach children about dental hygiene. Just go to Amazon and enter keywords like “dental books for kids.” Most are suitable for children at a first to second-grade reading level. Some of these also make great bedtime stories right after they brush.

4. Dental Toys

This category encompasses a wide variety of toys which include dental playsets or teddy bears with smiling teeth that kids can mock clean with a giant brush. For mainstream options, consider dentist-themed Barbie dolls or competitive board games like Crocodile Dentist.

5. Teeth Whitening Appointment

For teens, you can give them the gift of teeth whitening by scheduling an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. This may help improve confidence; just be sure they know that whiter teeth does not translate to cleaner teeth.

Dental Gifts for Children Motivate Brushing

Even with the busy holidays, you should still squeeze in time for a visit to Mukilteo Dental Arts. Our family dentists operate year-round. Dental Gifts for children aren’t exactly a Nintendo Switch or life-size Barbie doll, but they do encourage mouth hygiene.

Holiday Dental Appointment for Kids and Adults

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