What Is the Best Age for Braces in Lynnwood?

best age for braces lynnwoodCan you or your child be fitted with braces too early or too late? And what age range is the ideal window of opportunity? We’ll evaluate the best age for braces and why understanding the differences is important. We don’t have a ‘one-age-fits-all’ answer because various factors are at play. Consider these recommendations.

Ages 7–9

Our family dentists recommend evaluations starting between ages seven and nine. Will braces be applied at this age? Not necessarily, but an exam is important to determine whether they will be required down the road. Most if not all permanent teeth are present by this time. Dentists look for misalignments and the need to prescribe braces or partial teeth aligners at some point.

Ages 10–14

This is the age when most dentists fit children with braces. At this point, the baby teeth are completely gone, and the jaw is strong enough to support braces and other oral procedures. Braces may also prescribed at this age for a child who has an overbite or buck teeth. Children are usually mature enough at this age to manage braces without parental supervision.

Ages 15+

What about older teens and adults? You’re never too old for braces. Teeth are like any other bone in the body. They stop growing as you reach adulthood. However, you can always correct them well into your grown-up years. Teeth are the same way. Regardless of age, braces can correct teeth alignment, improving cosmetics and preventing serious oral diseases.

Best Age for Braces in Lynnwood? They’re Applicable at Any Age

We realize that even adults may have uncertainties about braces. Mukilteo Dental Arts provides alternatives to the traditional metal wire braces. Schedule a visit at the beginning of the year for yourself or a child.

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