Is There A Link Between a Beard and Oral Health?

oral health, beardHere is a post specifically for the dudes. Some men value the hair on their chin just as much as they do the hair on their head. However, can this inadvertently impact your dental health negatively? Does a connection exist between your beard and oral health?

Beards and Oral Health? What’s the Link?

There is a prevailing belief that a beard is a breeding ground for bacteria. Since the beard is located just below the lip, some of these bacteria can make its way into the mouth. Is there any legitimacy to this claim?

Our family dentists don’t believe so, and the studies do not support this. The belief originally stemmed from a study that has since been debunked for its lack of scientific merit.

Here’s the truth: Clean-shaven men actually had higher counts of bacteria on their faces compared to their bearded counterparts. This was according to a study published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. Here’s the reason: the men who shaved had more micro-abrasions, which harbored the bulk of bacteria.

Are Bearded Men at Risk?

With the above in mind, men with beards have little cause to worry. With that said, we can’t say that beards have zero impact on oral health. If you seldom clean your beard, then it probably does harbor excessive bacteria. Furthermore, a beard also obscures the jawline. This makes it harder to spot potential health problems that may require oral surgery. Beards may hide reddishness or lumps that may be a cyst or swollen lymph node.

Beard or Not, Stop by Our Clinic

Come by Mukilteo Dental Arts; our cosmetic dentists can give you pearly whites that complement your beard. That tuft of hair on your chin is no cause for alarm as long as you maintain good hygiene. Very little correlation exists between your beard and oral health.

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