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Best family dentistry in Mukilteo.From routine dental cleanings, x-rays and exams to state-of-the-art endodontics, orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry, Mukilteo Dental Arts offers a full range of dental services with unparalleled patient care. We practice family dentistry by the Golden Rule: If we don’t believe you need it, we won’t offer it. Many dental offices sell unneeded dental procedures and pay commissions to staff for selling those procedures. We’re different. Dr. An practices conservative family dentistry, never recommending treatment with a profit motive. We believe less is more, and we work to keep prices low and quality high.

Teeth Cleaning & Problem Prevention

Good oral hygiene begins at home with routine brushing and flossing, and annual trips to your dentist for cleaning, x-rays and exam promote optimal oral health. If you haven’t visited our dental office in Mukilteo, call us and mention our special offer at the upper right. We’re confident once you experience our conservative approach to family dentistry, you won’t look at dentistry the same again.  What is conservative dentistry?  It’s recommending only what’s needed, understanding that as general rule, the more time a dentist spends working in your mouth, the less good your oral health is likely to be.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Orthodontic Procedures

family dentistryHighly trained and experienced in oral surgery, Dr. An is qualified in cosmetic dental treatments and orthodontic procedures including dental implants, dental crowns and caps, bridges, veneers and endodontics, including root canal therapy. If you want to perfect your smile and your oral health, Mukilteo Dental Arts has your needs covered. For a conservative and caring general family dentist in Mukilteo, call 425 276 7465 today. And don’t forget to take advantage of our new patient special!

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