Are You at Risk for Jailbreak Bacteria in Edmonds?

jailbreak bacteria edmondsDo your gums bleed when you brush? Because our mouths are full of bacteria (both good and bad), it’s important to know what can happen when bad bacteria comes in contact with blood in your mouth. The bad bacteria can affect your well-being beyond your oral health. It’s called jailbreak bacteria, because it escapes your mouth and relocates to other areas of your body.

What Is Jailbreak Bacteria, Exactly?

When this bad bacteria “jailbreaks” from the mouth and enters the blood stream it uses the blood system as an escape route. It travels to internal organs and can cause blood clots.

It Can Even Be Deadly

This ‘bad’ bacteria is known as streptococcus bacteria; it causes periodontal disease. When it enters the bloodstream it binds together with a protein in the blood, eventually creating a clot-inducing clump. This also leads to inflamed blood vessels, that in turn block blood flow to the heart and brain. Sounds deadly, right?

So…What Can We Do to Prevent it?

The first line of defense is what you’ve been hearing from your family dentist for years–brush and floss well and regularly.   Endodontists  and family dentists recommend frequent exams as well. These preventive measures will keep you from having to undergo costlier oral surgeries down the road.  

Prevent Life-Threatening Diseases

Who would’ve thought bleeding gums could lead to life threatening blood clots? Apparently, the separate components of the body are more interconnected to one another than we know. Poor oral health means greater likelihood of disease elsewhere. Contact us today at Mukilteo Dental Arts if you’ve noticed bleeding gums in Edmonds. We also offer cosmetic dentistry.

Offering Jailbreak Bacteria Prevention for Edmonds Residents

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