Be Aware of Tongue Piercing Risks in Mukilteo

tongue piercing mukilteoWe understand why some people gravitate toward oral piercings. It’s the sign of a rebel, as well as a fashionable way to be different. However, such fashion statements also pose serious dental risks. We’ll explain the potential dangers and risks of tongue piercing in Mukilteo. Find out why our family dentists don’t recommend them.

Why Tongue Piercing Is a Problem

In one study, 6% of people with a tongue piercing experienced some sort of dental problem. This may seem like a fairly low percentage, but the risk is still very real. Risks include bleeding, nerve damage, and permanent scarring. Oral surgeons also warn that it can elevate risk of periodontal disease. In rare cases, the tongue and the floor of the mouth may become infected, requiring intravenous antibiotics.

Risk of Tooth Damage

A tongue barbell is solid metal. As you move your tongue around, it can ram against your teeth, causing them to chip. One study found that half of people with a tongue piercing exhibited tooth damage within four years. The damage was especially prevalent in the back teeth.

Our Advice Regarding Oral Piercings

Due to the risks we just described, we don’t recommend oral piercings of any kind. If you want to improve your oral appearance, our cosmetic dentists provide a number of aesthetic treatments. You can make a fashion statement in other ways that don’t put your oral health at risk.

For parents with teenagers with piercings, be sure they follow good oral hygiene especially in the days following the piercing.

We Treat Damage Caused by Oral Piercings

Do you have an existing piercing? Do you suspect it may be the cause of an infection or damaged tooth? Come by Mukilteo Dental Arts for one of our dentists to have a look. The risks of tongue piercings make them a no-no in our expert opinion. Contact us today with all your dental questions; we also specialize in endodontics.

Tongue Piercing & Oral Infection Treatments in Mukilteo

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