Traditional Floss Vs. Floss Pick: Which is Better in Mill Creek?

traditional-floss-mill-creekGum disease typically begins in areas between the teeth. This is why flossing is so important. This naturally leads to the next question: Should you use traditional floss or a floss pick? Is one superior over the other, or is it a matter of personal preference?

Traditional Floss Examined

Some family dentists argue that traditional floss is better. Since a floss pick has a very short string, that same segment is used over and over. This means bacteria removed from one section of the teeth can be transferred to another area. With traditional floss, you have several inches of string to work with. Of course, this drawback of floss picks can be remedied by using multiple picks per sitting. However, if you’re flossing every day (as you should be doing), the cost can add up.

A Look at Floss Picks

While floss picks have their shortcomings, they’re not without their perks. For one thing, many people prefer them over traditional floss simply because they’re easier to use. It’s also easier to reach the back of the mouth with picks. Many oral surgeons, in fact, have advised patients to switch over to floss picks since the ease of use may encourage them to make flossing a daily habit.

Flossing Alone Isn’t Enough

If you’re flossing daily, you’re on the right track, but optimal dental health also requires regular dental visits. Once you make an appointment, our crew can provide further tips for long-term oral health. The family dentists and  endodontists at Mukilteo Dental Arts work with adults and kids alike. We stress the importance of proper dental hygiene. Contact us today!

Answering Your Questions About Traditional Floss in Mill Creek

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