How to Floss With Braces Efficiently in Mukilteo

floss with bracesFlossing is vital for long-term oral health; that’s a given. However, many people find flossing a burdensome task; hence 20% of Americans never floss. For those with braces, flossing is even more of a perceived hassle. We’ll explain how to floss with braces efficiently in Mukilteo. Yes, you may not feel like doing it, but you know it’s a daily necessity—as much as brushing.

Use the Right Floss

Before you begin, choose the right type of floss. We advise sticking with wax-coated floss. The unwaxed variety is more thread-like and prone to getting caught in the wiring. You can also use a floss threader; this is an easy-to-use tool that simplifies flossing around the braces. You may also elect to invest in a water flosser to make the process even easier.

Floss with Braces: An Easy Step-By-Step Process

Our oral surgeons provide an outline that simplifies the process of flossing for those who have traditional wire braces.

  1. Rinse with mouth wash, or even water.
  2. Brush normally; that is, for two minutes, being sure to clean the brackets.
  3. Thread the floss behind the wire, being sure you have enough slack on both ends. Be careful not to push the floss against the wire.
  4. Push the floss between your teeth and slide it up and down.
  5. When you’re done, carefully pull the floss out, again being sure not to pull outward against the wire.

Braces Require Regular Checkups

See your family dentist if you or a child have braces of any kind. Our friendly endodontists work with adults and kids alike. Mukilteo Dental Arts stresses the importance of proper flossing with braces; don’t let inconvenience be an excuse. Contact us today!

Always Floss with Braces in Mukilteo; We Can Help

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