Healthy Christmas Treat Alternatives for Your Teeth

Mukilteo Dental ArtsLike Thanksgiving, Christmas is also a time of delightful treats and hearty food on the table. Some of these foods, while satisfying for the taste buds, are everything your oral surgeon warns you against. There are healthy Christmas treat alternatives, though, that are every bit as yummy.

Eat This, Not That

No: Candy Canes

Schools and mall Santa Clauses are handing out candy canes. Any form of hard candy is bad for the teeth due to the extended period it remains in the mouth.

Yes: crunchy vegetables

Yeah, we’re recommending that you and your kids suck on crunchy vegetable sticks instead of a candy cane. If that’s too bland, then add peanut butter, hummus, or cream cheese to kick it up a notch.

No: White Wine

White wine contains sugar and is much more acidic than most other wine varieties. If you must have white wine, consume it with a meal.

Yes: Lemon or Lime Flavored Water

Plain H2O is the best option, but if you want some flavor, then squeeze some lemon or lime juice into the water. This may sound counterintuitive, since lemons and limes are highly acidic. Don’t worry, though; we’re just talking about a few drops, which will be mostly diluted by the water.

No: Coffee

Coffee consumption tends to increase during the holiday season due to franchises like Starbucks offering holiday specials. Caffeine, however, dries the mouth. A dry mouth means lack of saliva flow, and saliva is needed for teeth remineralization. Coffee also leads to stained teeth that will have to be restored by a cosmetic dentist.

Yes: Hot Coco

Most hot chocolate drinks contain just enough caffeine to give you the energy kick without drying your mouth. Opt for varieties that use alternative sweeteners as opposed to refined sugar or high fructose corn syrup.

Cap off the Holidays with a Dental Health Checkup

Over-indulging during the holidays can result in dental problems come the New Year. Visit Mukilteo Dental Arts at least once before 2015 comes to a close. On top of healthy Christmas treat alternatives, our family dentists also recommend a dental checkup in between your hectic gift shopping sprees.

Complement This Christmas with a Dental Health Checkup

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Edited by Justin Vorhees