How to Prevent In-Flight Tooth Pain for Edmonds Travelers

in-flight tooth pain edmondsIf you’ve experienced in-flight tooth pain when traveling, you’re not alone. Our oral surgeons understand this phenomenon quite well. We explain why this happens and how you can prevent it in the future.

What Causes In-Flight Tooth Pain?

Just about everyone has experienced the popping sensation in their ears as their flight takes off. This occurs due to the change in cabin pressure. The same popping sensation can also manifest in your tooth.

An infected or decayed tooth is especially prone to in-flight pain since the tooth may contain tiny pockets of air. You may not notice anything wrong at ground level. However, once your elevation increases significantly, the pressure change causes you to experience distressing symptoms.

As unpleasant as it is, an in-flight toothache does have a silver lining. It may alert you to a hidden dental problem.

How to Prevent It

Obviously, your family dentist can’t accompany you on your flight. The next best solution is to visit your dentist regularly, and if you suspect there’s a problem when you have a trip planned, see a dentist before you leave. This way, decay, a pulp infection, or other problems that may lead to in-flight tooth pain can be detected and repaired.

If pain does occur, taking Ibuprofen or aspirin may provide enough relief to last you through the flight. In addition, drink plenty of water, ice the region, and eat only soft foods. If pain persists even after you land, see a dentist before you return if possible. 

Eliminate Toothaches in Edmonds

Stop by Mukilteo Dental Arts before your scheduled flight. Our crew, from our general dentists to our endodontists, can ensure a healthy smile for the duration of your trip. Our cosmetic dentists can also give you a brighter smile. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Pre-Vacation Dental Checkup for In-Flight Tooth Pain near Edmonds

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Is Fluoride Safe for Toddlers in Everett?

fluoride for toddlers everettA lot of concerned parents in Everett wonder whether fluoride is safe for toddlers. This is especially the case considering recent news that fluoride exposure causes long-term health problems. Do children at such a young age need fluoride when they haven’t even learned how to brush yet?

The Truth About Fluoride Safety for Toddlers

Fluoride is available naturally in water. The compound strengthens tooth enamel and prevents decay. It also makes the tooth more resistant to acid erosion. This is why our oral surgeons recommend it.

The American Dental Association recommends that parents brush their children’s teeth starting from one year of age. The ADA also said parents can use a “smear” of fluoride toothpaste as soon as their child’s teeth begin to show. 

The Research

The ADA’s recommendation arose as a result of recent findings by the Center for Disease Control. Research showed an increase of cavities among preschoolers who aren’t exposed to fluoride. In some of the more severe cases, children had cavities in more than half their baby teeth.

While fluoride is good for kids and adults alike, too much can also lead to fluorosis. This condition causes tooth discoloration. Studies also show a slight correlation between fluoride and ADHD in children.

How Much Fluoride Is Too Much?

Various factors come into play. Does water from your faucet contain fluoride? You may have to contact your city or local water company to find out. Also, does your child regularly consume sugary snacks? If so, he or she may require more fluoride. Ultimately, your family dentist can help you determine the ideal intake.

We Do Pediatric Checkups for Everett Families

If your child is at least 12 months of age, we recommend they receive regular checkups. Our endodontists at Mukilteo Dental Arts have years of experience treating littles. Rest assured that in the right amount, fluoride is safe for toddlers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Fluoride for Toddlers: Your Dental Experts Serving Everett

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Dental Health Tips to Protect Your Teeth from the Cold in Everett

protect your teeth everettWith the beginning of a new year also comes another season of shiver-inducing winter. You especially have to be careful of your oral health during this time of year because the cold weather may leave you susceptible to common dental problems. Follow these winter dental tips to protect your teeth from frigid temperatures in and around Everett.

Stay Hydrated to to Protect Your Teeth

Most people are familiar with the daily recommendation of drinking eight glasses of water a day. This isn’t just good for the body; it’s also good for the teeth and gums because it keeps the mouth moist. Saliva is more prone to dry up during cold temperatures, thus creating a buildup of bacteria. Stay hydrated by drinking water rather than drinks high in sugar.

Stay Cozy and Warm

If it’s cold enough outside for you to see your breath, limit time spent outdoors. A sudden drop in temperature can cause the teeth to expand and contract, thus elevating the risk of a surface hairline fracture. When you are outside, dress warmly and consider wearing a scarf over your face to trap heat near your mouth.

Use Desensitizing Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, cold weather can make this condition worse. If you’re feeling any form of pain or irritation when you brush, our oral surgeons recommend using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Pay Attention to Your Oral Health This Winter

Pay attention to any uncomfortable sensations in your mouth in response to the cold weather. If you notice discomfort, contact us at Mukilteo Dental Arts. Our highly experienced team of family dentists and endodontists can provide necessary care and recommend further winter dental tips to keep your teeth healthy in Everett.

Protect Your Teeth From the Winter Cold in Everett!

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Traditional Floss Vs. Floss Pick: Which is Better in Mill Creek?

traditional-floss-mill-creekGum disease typically begins in areas between the teeth. This is why flossing is so important. This naturally leads to the next question: Should you use traditional floss or a floss pick? Is one superior over the other, or is it a matter of personal preference?

Traditional Floss Examined

Some family dentists argue that traditional floss is better. Since a floss pick has a very short string, that same segment is used over and over. This means bacteria removed from one section of the teeth can be transferred to another area. With traditional floss, you have several inches of string to work with. Of course, this drawback of floss picks can be remedied by using multiple picks per sitting. However, if you’re flossing every day (as you should be doing), the cost can add up.

A Look at Floss Picks

While floss picks have their shortcomings, they’re not without their perks. For one thing, many people prefer them over traditional floss simply because they’re easier to use. It’s also easier to reach the back of the mouth with picks. Many oral surgeons, in fact, have advised patients to switch over to floss picks since the ease of use may encourage them to make flossing a daily habit.

Flossing Alone Isn’t Enough

If you’re flossing daily, you’re on the right track, but optimal dental health also requires regular dental visits. Once you make an appointment, our crew can provide further tips for long-term oral health. The family dentists and  endodontists at Mukilteo Dental Arts work with adults and kids alike. We stress the importance of proper dental hygiene. Contact us today!

Answering Your Questions About Traditional Floss in Mill Creek

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Five Dental-Related Gifts for Children in Lynnwood

gifts for children lynnwoodWe know kids don’t always like to brush. The process for them is a chore, much like eating their vegetables. This is why we recommend some dental-related gifts for children this Christmas. These gifts make great stocking stuffers and motivate our young ones to brush.

A New Toothbrush

For a child, a new toothbrush is like getting a package of tube socks. However, children’s toothbrushes come in endless varieties. Consider Marvel-themed toothbrushes or Disney-themed toothbrushes; boys and girls like both kinds. Some of these are battery-operated and vibrate, making brushing more fun, and perhaps more like mom’s or dad’s toothbrush.

Flavored Toothpaste

Instead of the traditional mint-flavored toothpaste, consider toothpaste with child-friendly flavors. Some of these include fruity, cupcake, and even bacon-flavored paste. Whatever flavor or brand you choose, be sure it has the ADA seal of approval.

Dental Books & Toys

Our oral surgeons recommend picture books that teach children about dental hygiene. Just go to Amazon and enter keywords like “dental books for kids.” Most are suitable for children at a first to second-grade reading level. Some of these also make great bedtime stories right after they brush. There are also a wide variety of toys which include dental playsets or teddy bears with smiling teeth that kids can clean with a giant brush, and competitive board games like Crocodile Dentist.

Dental-Related Gifts Motivate Brushing in Lynnwood

Even with the busy holidays, squeeze in time for a visit to Mukilteo Dental Arts. Our family dentists and  endodontists work with adults and kids alike. We stress the importance of proper dental hygiene; don’t let inconvenience be an excuse. Contact us today!

Dental-Related Gifts this Holiday for Kids and Adults in Lynnwood

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How to Treat a Painful Canker Sore in Everett

canker sore everettYou can’t help but groan when you notice a canker sore appearing on the inside of your lip or gums. These ulcers are painful and take the joy out of eating. Brushing also becomes a nightmare. A number of factors influence the formation of canker sores. Your dental hygiene habits might be one of them.

What Causes a Canker Sore?

Canker sores form for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Physical injury
  • Vitamin deficiency, primarily vitamin B12, iron, folate
  • Stress
  • Hormonal fluctuations

Canker sore formation may also be due to your dental habits. Brushing too hard with a hard-thistle brush, for example, can leave an abrasion that evolves into a sore. This is one of reasons many oral surgeons recommend light brushing. Another reason not to brush too hard is because it erodes enamel.

Some studies also hint at a possible link between sores and the common toothpaste ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate. A useful dental tip is to consider a toothpaste without that particular ingredient.


Canker sores normally heal on their own within a week or two. Until then, though, it’s going to be painful. Luckily, there are a few remedies that provide temporary relief. For example, you can buy over-the-counter anesthetic gels. These are not unlike the ones used by dentists.

You can also make your own DIY gel by mixing olive, peppermint, and eucalyptus oil. The mix has a cooling property that numbs the pain. It also contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.

See Your Dentist near Everett

Contact us at Mukilteo Dental Arts today. Our family dentists may be able to pinpoint the root cause behind your canker sores. Our team knows how unpleasant a canker sore can be, and healthy dental habits may be key to preventing their development.

Canker Sore Tips & Dental Treatment for a Healthy and Pain-Free Smile

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Be Aware of Tongue Piercing Risks in Mukilteo

tongue piercing mukilteoWe understand why some people gravitate toward oral piercings. It’s the sign of a rebel, as well as a fashionable way to be different. However, such fashion statements also pose serious dental risks. We’ll explain the potential dangers and risks of tongue piercing in Mukilteo. Find out why our family dentists don’t recommend them.

Why Tongue Piercing Is a Problem

In one study, 6% of people with a tongue piercing experienced some sort of dental problem. This may seem like a fairly low percentage, but the risk is still very real. Risks include bleeding, nerve damage, and permanent scarring. Oral surgeons also warn that it can elevate risk of periodontal disease. In rare cases, the tongue and the floor of the mouth may become infected, requiring intravenous antibiotics.

Risk of Tooth Damage

A tongue barbell is solid metal. As you move your tongue around, it can ram against your teeth, causing them to chip. One study found that half of people with a tongue piercing exhibited tooth damage within four years. The damage was especially prevalent in the back teeth.

Our Advice Regarding Oral Piercings

Due to the risks we just described, we don’t recommend oral piercings of any kind. If you want to improve your oral appearance, our cosmetic dentists provide a number of aesthetic treatments. You can make a fashion statement in other ways that don’t put your oral health at risk.

For parents with teenagers with piercings, be sure they follow good oral hygiene especially in the days following the piercing.

We Treat Damage Caused by Oral Piercings

Do you have an existing piercing? Do you suspect it may be the cause of an infection or damaged tooth? Come by Mukilteo Dental Arts for one of our dentists to have a look. The risks of tongue piercings make them a no-no in our expert opinion. Contact us today with all your dental questions; we also specialize in endodontics.

Tongue Piercing & Oral Infection Treatments in Mukilteo

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How to Floss With Braces Efficiently in Mukilteo

floss with bracesFlossing is vital for long-term oral health; that’s a given. However, many people find flossing a burdensome task; hence 20% of Americans never floss. For those with braces, flossing is even more of a perceived hassle. We’ll explain how to floss with braces efficiently in Mukilteo. Yes, you may not feel like doing it, but you know it’s a daily necessity—as much as brushing.

Use the Right Floss

Before you begin, choose the right type of floss. We advise sticking with wax-coated floss. The unwaxed variety is more thread-like and prone to getting caught in the wiring. You can also use a floss threader; this is an easy-to-use tool that simplifies flossing around the braces. You may also elect to invest in a water flosser to make the process even easier.

Floss with Braces: An Easy Step-By-Step Process

Our oral surgeons provide an outline that simplifies the process of flossing for those who have traditional wire braces.

  1. Rinse with mouth wash, or even water.
  2. Brush normally; that is, for two minutes, being sure to clean the brackets.
  3. Thread the floss behind the wire, being sure you have enough slack on both ends. Be careful not to push the floss against the wire.
  4. Push the floss between your teeth and slide it up and down.
  5. When you’re done, carefully pull the floss out, again being sure not to pull outward against the wire.

Braces Require Regular Checkups

See your family dentist if you or a child have braces of any kind. Our friendly endodontists work with adults and kids alike. Mukilteo Dental Arts stresses the importance of proper flossing with braces; don’t let inconvenience be an excuse. Contact us today!

Always Floss with Braces in Mukilteo; We Can Help

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Chipped Tooth? Here’s What to Do in Mill Creek

chipped tooth-mill creekBecause both kids and adults are able to spend so much time pursuing outdoor activities during the summer, dentists see more patients for a chipped tooth. If this happens to you or someone in your family, here’s how to respond right away to minimize long-term damage. 

Take These Steps

Call your dentist and make an appointment to get in as soon as possible. Rinse your mouth with warm, not cold, water. Purchase dental cement in the drugstore section of your local grocery story and follow the directions to protect your tooth. If you were able to save the chip, place it in a small baggie and keep it moist by adding a few droplets of water in the bag or wrapping the fragment in wet gauze.

Steps the Dentist May Take

The procedure varies depending on the severity of the injury. If the damage is minor, the chipped tooth can simply be filed and polished. If damage to the enamel incurred, you’ll need a filling or crown. If one of the front teeth has been chipped, you may be referred to a cosmetic dentist for a porcelain veneer to mask the visible chipping. If the chip exposes the nerve an endodontist will need to be brought in to perform a root canal.

Even if the chip seems minor and is painless, have your dentist take a look. What starts as a minor chipped tooth can exacerbate and fracture further if precautionary steps aren’t taken.

Chipped a Tooth in Mill Creek?

Visit Dr. An at Mukilteo Dental Arts to schedule an appointment for chipped tooth repair or any other dental services your family may need. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Dentistry Services for a Chipped, Cracked, or Broken Tooth near Mill Creek

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Are There Benefits to Brushing with Clay Toothpaste in Mukilteo?

clay toothpaste mukilteoHave you heard of people using homemade clay toothpaste instead of store-bought in Mukilteo? More and more people are making their own toothpaste. What do dentists think? Our family dentists have evaluated it and believe it does have an acceptable place in a dental hygiene routine.

Why Do Dentists Approve?

Bentonite clay is a staple ingredient in most homemade toothpastes; here’s why. Bentonite is volcanic ash. This ash is rich in natural minerals, such as silica, calcium, and magnesium. It’s also known for drawing toxins out of the mouth because it’s alkaline.

How Does It Work?

Bentonite is a swelling clay; it turns into a porous sponge when mixed with water. Additionally, the clay/water mixture becomes electrically charged and draws toxins and other impurities into its sponge-like surface.

Is Clay the Only Ingredient?

This DIY toothpaste mix typically includes other ingredients as well, which enhances both the brushing experience and its efficacy.

  • Baking soda — helps remove stains and odors
  • Mint — is great tasting and soothes the gums
  • Cinnamon — is antibacterial, great tasting and prevents bacteria growth

DIY Toothpaste Recipe

Mix the following ingredients together and store in a lidded container. Keep dry.

  • 2 Tablespoons clay
  • 2 Tablespoons baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon crushed, dried mint leaves
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Continue to See Your Dentist in Mukilteo

Since clay toothpaste lacks fluoride, our oral surgeons recommend switching between clay and regular toothpaste every few weeks. Visit Mukilteo Dental Arts for regular exams. Our endodontists take care of issues ranging from root canals to a chipped tooth. Experiment with clay toothpaste recipes; there are various recipes you can try. There are also a variety of tooth powders you can order online. Contact us today to schedule your next routine exam!

Help With Clay Toothpaste & A Complete Range of Dental Services in Mukilteo

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