3 Dental Health Tips to Protect Teeth from the Cold

mukilteo dental artsWith the beginning of a new year also comes another season of shiver-inducing winter. You especially have to be careful of your oral health during this time of year because the cold weather may leave you susceptible to common dental problems. Follow these winter dental tips to protect your teeth from frigid temperatures.

1. Stay Hydrated to Reduce Bacteria Buildup

Most people are familiar with the daily recommendation of consuming eight glasses of water a day. This is not just good for the body but also for the teeth and gums as it keeps the mouth moist. Saliva is more prone to dry up during cold temperatures, thus creating a buildup of bacteria. Stay hydrated by drinking WATER and not soda pop or other sugary beverages.

2. Stay Cozy and Warm

If it’s so cold to the point where you can see your own breath, then consider limiting time spent outdoors. A sudden drop in temperature can cause the teeth to expand and contract, thus elevating the risk of a surface hairline fractures. If you must venture outside, then dress warmly and consider wearing a scarf over your face to trap heat near your mouth.

3. Use Desensitizing Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, then cold weather may exacerbate the sensitivity. This may carry over when brushing your teeth. If you’re feeling any form of pain or irritation, then our oral surgeons recommend using toothpaste for sensitive teeth and a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Be Privy of Your Oral Health This Winter

Pay attention to any uncomfortable sensations in your mouth in response to the cold weather. If you notice even a slight discomfort, then book an appointment with Mukilteo Dental Arts. Our highly experienced team of family dentists and endodontists can provide necessary care and recommend further winter dental tips to keep your teeth healthy.

Protect Your Teeth From the Winter Cold!

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Edited by Justin Vorhees