Is Cosmetic Dentistry Suitable for Teens in Everett?

cosmetic dentistry for teens everettParents of teens know just how conscious their children are of their appearance. We’re often asked if teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry is suitable for teens in Everett. The answer is yes; with the right treatment, teens, and everyone, can enjoy a whiter smile in a relatively short time. Teeth whitening can be both safe and satisfying.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Teeth Whitening for Teens

At Mukilteo Dental Arts teeth whitening is a common procedure for teens. We often do this right before the start of school or before a school dance. However, we encourage parents to educate their children. Be sure they know that white teeth do not equal healthy teeth.

Teens have a notorious tendency to binge on sugary snacks. This can lead to cavities and expensive oral surgeries down the road. We don’t recommend policing everything they eat because they are learning to make their own decisions. Still, it’s important for them to learn the principles of moderation and common sense regarding sugary foods.

Risks Associated with Teeth Whitening

Teenagers tend to follow the crowd when it comes to the latest trends. When a friend or classmate shows up to school flaunting a freshly whitened smile, it’s likely your child will soon be coming to you asking for a teeth whitening kit. As these types of at-home whitening products become more available, it’s important to understand the risks and possible side effects of applying teeth whitening products to a developing smile.

Visit Us for All Your Dental Procedures near Everett

After a checkup from our family dentists, we will be more than happy to visit with you about all our cosmetic dental procedures. We strongly recommend our in-office laser teeth whitening treatments for teenagers who want a brighter smile. These professional treatments allow for a quick and easy whitening process that is proven to be safe without room for user-error. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Adults and Teens near Everett

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