4 Healthy Halloween Party Treats

Healthy Halloween Party TreatsBesides trick-or-treat candy, Halloween also entails costume parties where tasty food is served. More often, this entails sweet confections, baked goods, and sugar-laden beverages. Whether you’re hosting a party or putting together a dish for your child’s classroom potluck, there are healthy Halloween party treats every bit as tasty as they are good for the teeth.

Halloween Party Treats Healthy for the Body and Teeth

1. Sugar-Free Punch

Most parties have the typical fruit punch bowl. Ordinary fruit punch is bad on so many levels. For one, it’s loaded with high fructose corn syrup. The fruit flavoring is also artificial, which means it has zero nutritional value. Finally, it often contains food dye, which according to our cosmetic dentists, stains the teeth. Instead, opt for punch flavored with a sugar-free substitute like Stevia.

2. Crackers and Cheese

In place of brownies or cupcakes, serve ham and low-fat cheese served on a cracker. The cheese is especially beneficial because it creates a film in your mouth that temporarily protects the teeth from acid erosion caused by sugar. Our family dentists commonly recommend eating a small serving of dairy before indulging in sweets.

3. Trail Mix & Nuts

Instead of a jelly bean dish, serve up a bowl of trail mix or mixed nuts. Most types of nuts are high in calcium and vitamin D, both essential for bone and teeth health. Nuts also require thorough chewing, and the motion of the mouth stimulates saliva flow.

4. Sunflower Seeds

We’ll admit right now that some of our endodontists have kept a lollipop jar in their office. Even so, we don’t recommend hard candy. Instead of buying those bulk bags of hard candy assortments, opt for an equally satisfying alternative treat. How about a sunflower seed bowl? Sure, you’ll end up with shells littering the floor, but you’ll be contributing to the oral health of your guests.

Don’t Forget; A Checkup Is in Order

As always, be sure to contact Mukilteo Dental Arts to keep up with your appointments year-round. While we like to partake in the October fun, we also recognize the importance of not overindulging on sweets. Stick to these healthy Halloween party treats to satisfy your guests.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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