Is Cosmetic Dentistry Suitable for Teens?

Cosmetic Dentistry for TeensParents of teenagers know just how conscious their children are of their appearance. Parents have often asked us if cosmetic dentistry is suitable for teens. Of course, the enquiry came after their child begged them for some sort of teeth whitening procedure. We’ll talk a bit about this issue and how parents can turn it into a teaching moment.

Cosmetic Dentistry for Teens; Yes or No?

The short answer is yes. In fact, Mukilteo Dental Arts treats teens all the time. Teeth whitening is the most common procedure. We often do this for teens right before the start of school or before a school dance. However, we believe that parents should also take this time to educate their children. Be sure that they know that white teeth do not equal healthy teeth.

Teens also have a notorious tendency to binge on sugary snacks. This can lead to cavities and expensive oral surgeries down the road. We don’t recommend policing everything they eat because they are learning to make their own decisions. Neverthelss, drill into them the principles of moderation and common sense.

The Confidence Factor

Teens and especially teen girls may critique every perceived flaw they see in the mirror. Cosmetic dentistry can certainly boost a child’s confidence. However, parents need to reiterate that confidence should not be dependent on the shade of their teeth, or any other superficial trait. Of course, a sit-down talk is probably not enough. Perhaps you can show them images or selfies of their favorite celebrity without makeup or photoshop. This will show them that a flawless appearance simply does not exist.

Visit Our Cosmetic Dentistry

After a checkup from our family dentists, we will be more than happy to give your child a cosmetic dental procedure. However, cosmetic dentistry for teens shouldn’t be the basis of your child’s sense of self-worth.

Edited by Justin Vorhees

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