How to Prevent In-Flight Tooth Pain

in-flight tooth painDo you have summer travel plans abroad? During your flight, you may experience in-flight tooth pain. Then you ask: Why is this happening at 35,000-feet of altitude? Am I going to be miserable for the entire duration of the flight? Our oral surgeons understand this phenomenon quite well.

What Causes In-Flight Tooth Pain?

Just about everyone has experienced the popping sensation in their ears as their flight takes off. This occurs due to the change in cabin pressure. The same popping sensation can also manifest in your tooth.

An infected or decayed tooth is especially prone to in-flight pain since the tooth may contain tiny pockets of air. You may not notice anything wrong at ground level. However, once your elevation increases significantly, the pressure change causes you to experience distressing symptoms.

As unpleasant as it is, an in-flight toothache does have a silver lining. It may alert you to a hidden dental problem.

How to Prevent It

Obviously, our family dentist can’t accompany you on your flight. The next best solution is to pay us a visit prior to your trip. This way, we can detect decay, a pulp infection, or other problems that may lead to in-flight tooth pain.

If pain occurs, then taking an Ibuprofen or aspirin may provide enough relief to last you through the flight. In addition, you should also drink plenty of water, ice the region, and only consume soft foods.

If pain persists even after you land, then see a dentist. Your accommodations may be able to refer you to an established clinic in the region.

Eliminate Toothache This Summer

Stop by Mukilteo Dental Arts before your scheduled summer vacation. Our crew, from our general dentists to our endodontists, can ensure a healthy smile for the duration of your trip. Don’t let in-flight tooth pain ruin your fun.

Pre-Vacation Dental Checkup

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