Epilepsy and Oral Health: What’s the Connection?

epilepsy oral healthEpilepsy is a complex neural disorder that causes seizures whose health ramifications are far-reaching, to include having an indirect impact on your teeth and gums. Here’s some important information about the connection between epilepsy and oral health.

The Link Between Epilepsy and Oral Health

When epileptics go into convulsion, they are at risk of damaging their teeth. How so? Seizures often cause epileptics to grind and gnash their teeth. This can result in chipped or cracked teeth. In severe instances, this can cause a tooth to loosen or dislodge from its socket. It may also lead to a fractured jaw or TMJ disc displacement.

Unfortunately, some anti-convulsion medications can also cause side effects that impact dental health, including diminished vitamin D absorption, which affects teeth remineralization. Another side effect is overgrown gums, which increases plaque buildup.

The Solution

As family dentists, epilepsy is beyond our area of expertise. If you suffer from seizures, please consult with your doctor. From a dental standpoint, we are well aware of how seizures can impact oral health.

We recommend regular dental exams. Be sure to disclose your full medical history, including all medications you are taking at the moment. Some seizure patients need to wear ear plugs and eye covers during exams. Loud noise and bright lights may be triggers for convulsions. Some patients may also be sensitive to anesthesia.

You and your dental provider should also have a plan in place should a seizure occur during an appointment. A written plan should be in place, complete with an emergency contact information.

We Work with Patients Regardless of Medical History

Our regular patients include those with serious medical conditions. Our oral surgeons and endodontists are mindful of any special needs. Schedule an appointment with Mukilteo Dental Arts today. The connection between epilepsy and oral health is an issue we take seriously.

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