The Benefits of Clay Toothpaste

Clay ToothpasteHomemade clay toothpaste has recently become a dental health trend. Some of our patients have made their own toothpaste from scratch, and swear by it. What’s our take? Our family dentists have evaluated the efficacy of clay toothpaste and believe it does have an acceptable place in a dental hygiene routine.

Why Clay Toothpaste?

Bentonite clay is a staple ingredient in most homemade toothpastes, and for good reason. Bentonite is full of minerals, such as calcium, silica, and magnesium. It is also alkaline and is known for drawing toxins out of the mouth.

How It Works

Bentonite is a swelling clay, meaning that it enlarges when mixed with water. The clay essentially turns into a porous sponge. Here’s where the magic kicks in: when the clay is exposed to water, the molecular components become electrically charged and draws toxins and other impurities into its sponge-like surface. Continue Reading →