Pregnancy and Dental X-Rays: Are X-Rays Safe for Expectant Mothers?

dental x-rays pregnancySome women are concerned about how the radiation exposure of dental x-rays might affect their pregnancy. Some pregnant women even worry about being exposed to radiation when they use a mobile phone. Let’s explore whether or not there’s a risk to you and your unborn child from getting a dental x-ray.

The Truth About Pregnancy and Dental X-Rays

It’s true that x-rays do expose the patient to radiation. It’s also true that excessive exposure during pregnancy has been linked to child malformation and impaired brain function. The key word, though, is “excessive.” The radiation exposure from a dental x-ray is negligible.

If you received an x-ray in the past, you may have noticed your family dentist place a thick apron over you. This is designed to protect your chest and abdomen from radiation. Since it covers the torso, it also shields the fetus. Rest assure that you and your unborn child are safe.

If you’re still concerned, one study published in the US National Library of Medicine found no risk between pregnancy and x-rays.

It’s Your Choice

Some women are especially conscious about limiting radiation exposure and will avoid x-rays until after their first trimester. While this is not necessary, if this gives you a peace of mind, then that’s certainly acceptable. However, if you have a dental emergency that requires oral surgery, then you will probably need an x-ray. In this instance, the x-ray cannot be postponed. If you’re having anxiety, please let your dentist know about your concerns.

We Treat Expectant Mothers at Any Stage of Their Pregnancies

Don’t let a pregnancy prevent you from seeing an endodontist. Let our friendly staff at Mukilteo Dental Arts know if you’re with child, so we can take additional precautions. Rest assured that there is little danger to your pregnancy from dental x-rays; the precious jewel inside you is safe.

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